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Sherri Fowler - Freelance Writer. Professional Blogger. Content Marketer.

Successful individuals make educated decisions in order to build and further their business.

I hope that my Frequently Asked Questions page will help you perform your due diligence about my company and services.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have about my services and how I can be of service to you and your business.

I look forward to working with you!

What can I expect when working with you?

You can expect to receive quality work on time. You can also expect for your project to be proofed for spelling and grammatical errors. I work with a professional copy editor who will be sure your project will be in compliance with AP or Chicago Manual of Style guidelines.

What kind of writing projects do you take on?

I take on writing projects that are business, finance, marketing, medical or trade related.

The services listed below are what I have provided to other clients. It’s not meant to be an all inclusive list of services I can provide. If you don’t see the type of writing service that you’re interested in, please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your specific writing needs.

  • Academic writing.
  • Article writing.
  • Blogging.
  • Business publications and writing.
  • Case study writing.
  • Content writing.
  • Copywriting.
  • Creative writing.
  • eBook writing.
  • Freelance writing.
  • Ghostwriting.
  • Industry writing.
  • Magazine writing.
  • Medical writing.
  • Newsletter content writing.
  • Newspaper writing.
  • Presentation writing.
  • Press releases.
  • Product writing, including descriptions and reviews.
  • Proofreading.
  • Report writing.
  • Repurposing of content.
  • Research for all types of writing needs.
  • Sales writing.
  • Story writing.
  • Trade writing.
  • Transcribing.
  • Web and/or Blog content writing.

Why should I hire a freelance writer as opposed to inviting guest bloggers to my business blog?

With a freelance writer, you can have full control over topics, voice, self-promotion, and the revision process. Guest bloggers will expect to have more freedom with the content they create. Guest bloggers make posts for free, for the opportunity to promote their own website or business.

What are the benefits of offering an author byline to freelance writers versus having them ghostwrite the content?

A great reason to allow a freelance writer to have an author byline for the content they create is because many freelance writers are well known and have built a strong authority. That means they have a large audience to promote content to and their content will boost the overall authority of your blog.

The flip side of that is, if you have a ghostwriter to create content that you can place your name upon, it gives you the chance to become well known and build a strong authority in your industry.

Is your ghostwriting service confidential?

Absolutely! I never mention clients I ghostwrite for, publicly or privately. When I promote content I have ghostwritten, I always promote it with the client attributed as the author. You gain full usage and rights to the content I develop once you have paid for it in full.

Can I repurpose content written by you that I have paid for?

Yes, absolutely! You can offer content I create to be re-published on other sites. Also, I often suggest that clients take in-depth blog posts or a series of shorter blog posts and repackage them as ebooks, whitepapers, and lead magnets.

How do we decide upon blog topics?

You can supply the topics and outlines or I can suggest topics that will resonate well with your target audience. We can also do a combination of both.

What would be the cost to ghostwrite my book?

The price for book projects can range depending on the scope of the project and the services you need included. Multiple book orders and simplified, unformatted books will be on the lower end, while individual book projects requiring phone interviews, formatting for CreateSpace, sidebars, call-out boxes and other features will be on the higher end.

Do I have to pay for the book up front?

A 25% deposit is required before service begins. Smaller increments are due when each section of the book is completed and turned in. Payments for non-book projects require a 50% deposit with the remaining balance due upon first draft completion. For hourly projects, 50% of the project estimate is due as a deposit with the balance determined at completion.

Do you offer revisions?

Of course! Revisions are offered, at no additional charge, as long as they are within the scope of work agreed upon at the start of a content project. That means that the overall topic, outline, and length of the content stays the same.

Keep in mind, revision requests must be made within one week of content delivery to ensure quick turnaround. Revision requests made after 14 days of content delivery will be subject to my current schedule and availability.

Do I need to make a long-term commitment?

Content marketing should be a part of your long term online marketing strategy. However, I do not require clients to make a long term commitment. I do offer great discounts for clients who purchase a batch of posts, but we can also work on a one-time or when needed basis.

What are your rates?

Rates, like my services, are shown here. Rates may vary based on the complexity of each project. I offer a FREE one hour consultation and FREE estimate with each project.

What are your policies surrounding rates and refunds?

The rates for any project will be agreed upon before work begins and will not be altered, unless the client requests to change the scope of work agreed upon at the start of the project. I offer advance payment discounts for monthly blog post packages and individual content projects. Any fees paid for services are non-refundable. I can assure you that I am dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, and I will work with you to make sure you are satisfied with each piece of content I provide.

How Does This All Work?

Even though I’m located in Ohio, I can provide services to any individual or business…VIRTUALLY….through the latest technologies available.

I offer retainer packages for clients who prefer consistent support services every month or every year. I also offer project based packages for clients who only need services on occasion or for specific projects.

Every client is unique in their needs and their goals. Therefore, I customize each package to every client. I also evolve the client’s package to their changing needs.

I am committed to my client’s deadlines for each project. Deadlines are setup during our client consultations and continual communication is kept throughout each project.

I keep in touch with each client in the way they prefer. Some prefer email, whereas some prefer phone, Skype or project management tools; such as DropBox. I will ask your preference during our consultation.

I offer a FREE one hour consultation. To setup a consultation time that fits your needs, please Contact me. I’ll answer any questions you have, as well as, ask questions of our own. I want to make sure I thoroughly understand your business goals.

Because each client’s needs are unique, I offer FREE estimates on each project. Once an estimate is approved, I’ll spell out each service that I’ll be performing, the cost and deadline in a contract. Every client is required to sign a contract and a 50% deposit is required before any service begins; with the exception of book projects (as listed in FAQ above). Payments are processed through a secure, American online credit card processor. To view a sample of my business packages, click here.

To view my most requested business services, click here. My services list is not meant to be all-inclusive. If you don’t see the service you’re interested in, it doesn’t mean I don’t provide it. Feel free to ask me about your specific need.

I keep each client’s information confidential. I will not sell your information or trade secrets, nor will I discuss them or the business services I provide for you. The creative services I provide each client are solely owned by those clients. I do not keep the creative rights to those services.

I have a vested interest in each client’s success and growth of their business. It’s why I believe in a team approach to my business with each client. And, that’s why you’ll receive a team approach to my business with you!

I appreciate your taking time out of your day to learn about Sherri Fowler.

I’m anxious to learn about you and your business, as well as, discuss your business goals. My office hours are Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm, Eastern Standard time.