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Hey there, I’m Sherri!

I founded SherriFowler.com in 1991. This venture began as a side business to create content and marketing materials for Central Ohio Orthotic & Prosthetic Center in Columbus, Ohio.

At the time, I worked full-time for COOPC as a medical billing specialist. Even though I loved working in the family business, I couldn’t help but jump at the chance to fulfill my passion of putting words to paper.

I got the entrepreneur bug early in life; around age 7, according to my Mom, when I use to create poems. I remember putting them in cards, along with a handwritten note to my grandparents…who by the way, just loved them. Inserting wink and grin 😉

Almost 50 years later and I’ve yet to quit writing poems and sending handwritten notes to family, friends and clients.

At age 13, while at church with my grandparents, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart. That was the day I asked God to forgive me of my sins and asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior. In my life #JesusIsKing because I will always be a sinner saved by His grace. The Holy Spirit speaks to each of our hearts; we only have to be willing to listen.

When I was in high school, I discovered my passion for writing children’s books. Still have that passion today. Some passions just do not fade with age.

After high school, I began working at the corporate office of a shoe company called the Kobacker Company, located in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. There, I discovered my LOVE for technology and problem solving.

From there, I worked for the Credit Bureau of Columbus in downtown Columbus, Ohio. My world collided there when I was able to combine my love for numbers, technology and problem solving.

During that time, I decided to attend Columbus State Community College for accounting. I became addicted to ALL things math while in high school and I felt this was the next logical step for my career.

While taking classes at Columbus State, I had an opportunity to work at Chemical Mortgage; which at the time was located in downtown Columbus, Ohio. They were later bought out by a larger financial institute. Chemical Mortgage gave me the opportunity to work with investors and investment portfolios. I didn’t realize having a heart for real estate could actually be a THING…but I sure had one for it. Being able to combine my love for research, problem solving, data, analysis and reporting…and now real estate…oh my word, I was completely smitten.

I was so smitten in fact that I quickly began buying investment properties and then decided to also manage properties for others.

In my early 30’s, I discovered blogging. Lord have mercy, my heart could’ve exploded with pure contentment.

About that time, I also got my Florida Real Estate License. My parents and I decided to go into the business of flipping houses. What better way to combine ALL of the things that makes my heart beat a happy song.

While living in Florida in my mid 30’s, I also discovered the severity of human trafficking and child sex trafficking; thanks to real estate clients who were in a 3 letter government agency. My broken heart has yet to recover from learning of that devastating news!

In my early 40’s, I got my Ohio Real Estate License. Being able to provide real estate services to clients in Ohio, as well as, Florida thrilled me. It also opened doors that I wasn’t expecting; being able to ghostwrite for real estate companies and agents.

About that time, the door to learning about the fascinating lifestyles of homesteaders and preppers opened up. I will forever be grateful to all of those amazing people I’ve had the opportunity to work with. It’s something I’ve never taken for granted.

It was a natural progression from there to have opportunities to work with those in the fields of all natural products. Memories that are made while being surrounded by incredible smells and beautiful views can absolutely not be measured.

In my mid 40’s, I discovered something I will treasure for the rest of my life; genealogy. Research is one of my God-given gifts. And boy, OH boy, my heart does a happy dance every single time I get the opportunity to ghostwrite for a genealogy or historical society. Those fact-finding missions of research makes me feel like I’ve circled back to my first love; putting words to paper.

Even now, in my 50’s, I continue to get opportunities to learn about things I’m not familiar with.

I continue to put words on paper about the things I’ve gained knowledge about, as well as, the skills I’ve tackled.

And, most importantly, I’ve been able to share with others the passions that drive my heart; such as my Faith.

Sherri founded SherriFowler.com in 1991 when she began freelance writing as a side business.

Do you have a writing project that could use my attention? One that could use someone to breaks things down into simple terms for anyone to understand?

I’ve got a discerning mind that never takes things at face value. I’m forever questioning and wondering if there’s another angle; possibly one less known.

Along with my experience, you also get someone who has a natural ability to listen to others and investigate truths.

I live to keep things real. 😉