Sherri Fowler

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Product reviews:

I conduct product reviews when products or samples are provided by the sponsor. I prefer reviewing business products that will benefit my clientele or the services I can provide them. Business products for freelancers, or products for clients; such as, software, office organization tools or business apps.

Magazine + Newspaper

I love any opportunity to talk about services I provide to businesses and business owners.  I also love any opportunity to talk about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. #JesusIsKing

Podcasts + Radio: sponsors podcasts and radio shows that will benefit my clientele. Podcasts or radio shows that we would be interested in sponsoring are focused on:

  • Faith
  • Business growth by blogging
  • Real Estate blogging
  • Family history
  • Genealogy
  • Freelance writing
  • Ghostwriting benefits
  • Savings our cemeteries
  • Research for writing projects
  • Interviewing for writing projects

I welcome podcast and radio interviews about the above topics as well.

Official Bio:

Founded in 1991,, was created to combine Sherri’s love for data, analytics, and fact finding with her passions in life. For over 30 years, Sherri has been able to offer a variety of unique freelance services to her clients because of her career choices and God-given gifts of discernment, research and storytelling. Sherri is a Christ-centered, serial entrepreneur who has founded several businesses since opening her freelance writing business; all of which continue to thrive today.

Sherri founded in 1991 when she began freelance writing as a side business.