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Praise Notes
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I appreciate all of the praise notes from clients. The only notes of gratitude you’ll find posted here are ones I’ve received written consent from my clients to be made public. My contracts include a confidentiality agreement in them to protect each client and their intellectual property rights.

Sherri has been my content creator, article writer and blogger for several years now. She’s been great to work with and completes every project to my specifications. I highly recommend her and will continue to use her services because of her efficiency, professionalism and thorough research. I appreciate all of your help Sherri and your willingness to learn my field of expertise.


Historic Cemetery Conservator, Ohio

Sherri created the content for my website and my brochures. She has been such a breeze to work with that I reached out for help with writing articles. She is a natural listener and seeker of facts. Sherri, I appreciate you and all of your efforts to make my business possible.


Self-defense and Preparedness, Nebraska

Sherri is a natural at creating words to express what we need. She is so professional and so easy to work with. Even if she brought no other skillset to the table, besides her research skills; we would continue to use her just for that. But she continually brings every project to fruition on time, within budget and with such creativity. Her customer service has never disappointed. We appreciate all you do for us Sherri!


Medical Billing, Pennsylvania

Sherri, I can not say Thank You enough for every single thing you’ve created for me. I felt so overwhelmed by not knowing where to start that I just did nothing except stress over it all. My website, my blog posts, my branded pamphlets and instructional materials have been the catalyst for me to be able to make a living from home while I home-school my children. Friend, if I may call you that now, you’re extraordinary and I say THANK YOU again and again.


Natural Products, Kentucky

Sherri’s posts consistently outperform our expectations. Her ability is exceptional. She has created content for us that reaches our target audience and spreads our brand. She is our “go to writer”. We highly recommend her.


Orthotic & Prosthetic, Ohio

Sherri and I got to know each other well while she was a real estate agent in Florida. Her research, statistics and analysis were exceptional when I met her. They continue to be exceptional even now; 15 years later. She is a natural at real estate and property management. The way she’s able to read the market trends is fascinating. With every project, I continue to learn from you Sherri. Until the next one…cheers!


Real Estate Brokerage, Florida

When I decided to start my own business, I knew my skills were limited. I knew I needed to reach out for help, but the thought of it was scary because I didn’t have money to waste if it didn’t work out with the company I entrusted to help me. God clearly led me to you Sherri. Not only were my fears non-existent by the time my first project with you started, but being able to reach out to you again and again with my new ideas has truly made me feel a sense of calm and freedom. Thank God I found you!


Yoga Instructor, Wisconsin

Do you have a writing project that could use my attention? One that could use someone to breaks things down into simple terms for anyone to understand?

I’ve got a discerning mind that never takes things at face value. I’m forever questioning and wondering if there’s another angle; possibly one less known.

Along with my experience, you also get someone who has a natural ability to listen to others and investigate truths.

I live to keep things real. 😉