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Sherri Fowler

SAFE Hearts Child Safety Books

SAFE Hearts Child Safety Books

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Damsel in Defense SAFE Hearts books is an education-based product line that offers easy-to-read stories that you can read to your children, or they can read on their own. It allows an opportunity to open the door for a "kid-versation" between a parent and child to talk about safety.

Books are new and have never been out of their wrapped in plastic covering.

A Secret For Grace is about keeping secrets. Grace finds herself caught in a bind when her neighbor bribes her into keeping a secret for him in return for a puppy.

All Star Dugout Dreams is about coercion. Simon helps his friend James navigate a tricky situation when his baseball coach tries to coerce him into an unplanned ride home.

Becca's Best Friend is about uncomfortable situations. When Becca runs into a situation that makes her uncomfortable she goes to her best friend for help and is left hurt.

Chace's Champion is about witnessing abuse. When Willow's safe adult doesn't believe the account of the abuse she witnessed, Faith encourages her to press on for the help her cousin needs.

Damon's Dilemma is about firearm safety. Damon's friend shows off a gun and pressures him to go shoot cans in the woods without adult supervision.

Healed Hearts Heal Hearts is about Simon's sister, Cynthia, is struggling to repair the missing piece of her heart, the team works together to help her find it and heal her heart back to whole.

Julian's Solo Voyage is about Tomas as he helps Julian navigate a tricky situation when a stranger in a public restroom wants to offer assistance.

Madison's Big Brother is about Elizabeth as she helps Isabella navigate a tricky situation when a boy tries to kiss her while they are home alone.

My Friend's New Toy is about Faith as she comes to the aid of Olivia who is in a tricky situation with a friend to disrobe at a play date.

Shielded Eyes, Shielded Hearts is about when Caleb's Mom leaves him home alone, the Heart Defenders take action when a peer sends him inappropriate content online

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