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Sherri Fowler
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Located in Adams County, Ohio

My careers make me unique to freelancing.

Welcome! My name is Sherri Fowler-Smith and I’m the founder of Sherri Fowler, LLC.

Since launching my freelance career in 1991, I’ve worked with thousands of business owners along with hundreds of publications.

Over the years, the business services I’ve offered have continued to evolve, just as my knowledge has grown and my skill sets increased.

What hasn’t changed over the years is my focus on my clients. Thousands of clients have entrusted me since 1991 to provide quality services and to provide them on-time. And, after 30 years of being in business, I’ve yet to let one down.

If you have a project that could use my assistance, I would be honored to provide you with a customized estimate. 

For businesses within Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia, I provide on-site along with remote business services to my clients.

For businesses outside of the tri-state area, I provide remote services.

Workshops are provided virtually, even if you live within the tri-state area.

Sherri Fowler - Freelance Writer, Adams County, Ohio

Business Service specialties for:

  • Small Business Owners
  • Cemeteries & Cemetery Managers
  • Authors & Bloggers
  • Genealogy & Historical Societies

Workshops focusing on:

  • Business Building
  • VIP Day 
  • Mentorship 
  • Business Finance 
  • Personal Finance

Genealogy Research:

  • Services available to the public
  • Services provided only for the states of  Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia

Whether you’ve an idea for a business, but don’t know how to get it started…

Are an existing business owner with thoughts on expanding…or are wanting to branch out in a new direction…or are needing assistance maintaining what you’ve already built…

Are a business owner who wants to transition into retirement…or are looking to sell your business…

Want to create a solid foundation for your finances to grow upon – as a business owner – or NOT…

Are curious about your ancestral background…have a genealogy brick-wall…or need documentation for a lineage society…

Or are somewhere in between it all…

You ARE in the right place!!!

Click on the below link that FITS your highest priority business need OR current personal situation and let’s get started Friend.

Business Services for Small Businesses include:

  • Services for family-owned businesses, such as, family farms, homesteaders, hobby farms…to name a few; there are many others.
  • Services for home-based businesses, such as, artisans, artists, photographers…as an example even though there are many others.
  • Website creation and management with WordPress or SquareSpace.
  • Shopping cart creation and management with Shopify.
  • SEO optimization so you can reach your target audience.
  • Social media management.
  • Graphic or Meme creation.
  • Email integration to bring-in new customers and retain existing ones.
  • Blog creation and management to connect with your audience and further SEO.
  • Contact and database management, such as, building relationships through email newsletters, surveys, and product launches for all types of sales.
  • Press releases.
  • Content writing for websites, email campaigns, newsletters, blogs and articles.
  • Proofreading and editing for providing a final quality check.
  • Repurposing content.
  • Creating transcripts for classes, workshops or podcasts.
  • Transcribing zoom calls or other videos.
  • Managing affiliate programs, links and offers to create multiple sources of income.
  • Designing printable products to sell online to create multiple sources of income.
  • QuickBooks and FreshBooks setup, including income and expense setup, plus invoicing.
  • eBook creation.

Business Building Packages Available:

These One-On-One Workshops are for every business owner, no matter what business you’re in. And they’re for every individual, even if you’re just in the daydreaming stage of wanting to start a business. These Workshops cover everything from “How to start your business” to “Creating a business and launching it” to “Building a team” to “Planning for retirement” and everything in between.

Business Services for Cemetery Managers include:

  • On-site document scanning for cemeteries that have not created digitized records yet; includes creating internment documentation into a software program for integrity of records and access of information.
  • Create or manage burial records for inactive cemeteries, as well as, inventory for active cemeteries; includes data entry into an existing cemetery software to keep recording of internments up-to-date for management of internments and data integrity.
  • Update existing or outdated burial recording software to ensure business continuity and record integrity; includes back-up of existing software, exporting information from existing software and importing of information into updated software.
  • Create or manage interactive map of cemetery and internments to add value of active cemeteries for new business and add value of inactive cemeteries with public-facing features.
  • Transcribing of hard to read cemetery records.
  • Research for previous cemetery transcription work; including courthouse records, genealogy society records, historical society records, and plat maps to accurately record information.
  • Create or manage internments to online databases, such as FindAGrave, for genealogy researchers.
  • Contract management for outsourced services, such as, ground maintenance.
  • Assist efforts in obtaining funding for monument or cemetery preservation.
  • Assist efforts in obtaining a qualified preservationist for monument leveling, resetting, and repairs, as well as, replacement of deteriorated bases, and cleaning of biological growth for individual monuments or complete cemeteries.

VIP Day Packages Available:

These VIP Days are perfect to schedule One-On-One time into any busy day. These intensives are meant to cover “Finance Resolutions” to “System Workflows” to “Office Organization” to “Software Updates” and every single thing needed to sustain or grow your business.

Business Services for Authors & Bloggers include:

  • Transcribing.
  • Proofreading and editing.
  • ISBN management.
  • Manage book reviews.
  • eBook creation.
  • Contract liaison.
  • Uploading digital and print files to online retailers.
  • Monitoring sales.
  • Creating sales reports.
  • Website audits to determine traffice, SEO keywords.
  • Website creation and management.
  • Social media management.
  • Online and/or in-person research assistant.
  • Interviews for articles.
  • Executing your publisher’s marketing plan.
  • Beta reading services.
  • Order and mail-out promo items.
  • Design and manage press release kit.
  • QuickBooks and FreshBooks setup, including income and expense setup, plus invoicing.

Mentorship Packages Available:

These Mentorship Workshops are for individuals who haven’t started a business up to business owners who’ve been in business for decades. The One-On-One Mentorship is meant to cover “Business Startup” to “Needing an Accountability Partner” to “Brainstorming Sessions” to “Business Strategizing” to “Business Auditing” to “Succession Planning”.

Business Services for Genealogy & Historical Societies include:

  • On-site document scanning to digitize records to ensure integrity of data for generations to come.
  • Transcription and data entry of digitzed records into document or database sofware for record integrity.
  • Create searchable documents for access of data.
  • Update existing or outdated software program that’s currently being used for document storage and recording of historical information.
  • Transcribing of hard to read documents.
  • Genealogy research for recording of information to be accurate.
  • Create print and digital publications to sale to the public.
  • Create and manage new website or update and manage existing website for public visibility.
  • Create and manage social media presence or update existing social media platforms on as-needed basis.
  • In-person interviews of residents with knowledge of historical happenings within the community.

Finance Workshops Available:

There are two versions for this workshop. One covers individuals and the other covers businesses.

For individuals; whether you’re 18 and just starting to work or you’re an experienced adult, this One-On-One Basic Finance Workshop with Sherri will give you all the information you need to walk away with being in control of your finances.

For businesses; whether you’re just in the planning stages or you’re an existing business owner, this One-On-One Finance Workshop will give you step-by-step instructions on how to budget, use projections for income and expenses and to keep your profit and loss statement in the black.

Genealogy Services to the Public include:

  • On-site research for records at courthouses, historical societies, genealogy libraries, and public libraries.
  • Family tree documentation for lineage society applications.
  • In-person interviews of local residents for genealogy research and resources.
  • Create new website or update existing one for sharing of family research, photos, and documentation.