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Sherri Fowler
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Located in

Adams County, Ohio

Welcome! My name is Sherri and I’m the founder of SherriFowler.com.

Since launching my freelance career in 1991, I’ve worked with hundreds of publications, blogs and business owners.

It’s crucial for a business to communicate effectively, in order to reach their target audience. That’s why I create content that the target audience you’re trying to reach can relate to.

Do you have a writing project that could use my attention? One that could use someone to breaks things down into simple terms for anyone to understand?

I’ve got a discerning mind that never takes things at face value. I’m forever questioning and wondering if there’s another angle; possibly one less known.

Along with my experience, you also get someone who has a natural ability to listen to others and investigate truths.

I live to keep things real.

Sherri Fowler - Freelance Writer, Adams County, Ohio

Why hire me?

Unlike some freelance writers, I’m a numbers girl.

I live for data, analytics, research and fact finding.

I love history and am thrilled every time I get to connect with it on a personal level.

I make the choice each year to grow in knowledge, technique and skill. I make that choice because staying current with the latest trends, programs and certifications helps me to provide the best service possible to my clientele.

My happy place is where I can find opportunities to combine my skills, knowledge and experience with my passions.

My careers make me unique to freelancing.


  • Investor Accounting Specialist

  • Investment Analyst

  • Researcher

  • Client Interviews

Credit Bureau:

  • Reporting Analyst

  • Project Management

  • Data Specialist

  • Customer Interviews


  • Historic | Period Research

  • Lineage Research

  • Archival | Record Research

  • Cemetery Research

  • Mapping | Recording Research

  • Interviews


  • Orthotics & Prosthetics

  • Research

  • Billing Specialist

  • Marketing Coordinator

  • Data Analyst

  • Office Management

Real Estate:

  • Leasing Specialist

  • Multi-Award Winning Realtor®

  • New Agent Trainer

  • International Broker Data Analyst

  • Real Estate Investor

  • Landlord

  • Investment Property Management

  • Flipper

  • Marketing

  • Researcher

Surveying & Engineering:

  • Title Research

  • Plat Map Research

  • Deed Transfer Research

  • Deed Restriction Research

  • Will & Probate Research

Personal Passions:


American + Family History

Child | Sex Trafficking + Human Trafficking Awareness

Home-based Businesses


Natural Health Solutions

Real Estate Industry

Women’s Self Defense