Sherri Smith provides small business consulting from her home-based business in Adams County, Ohio. Providing behind-the-scenes business support services since 1991.

Sherri Fowler-Smith

Hi, my name is Sherri Smith.

I'm the founder of which provides services, courses, and workshops, to small business owners, non-business owners, genealogy enthusiasts, and Christians. I design templates and forms that help make daily life efficient and organized.

I'm co-owner of which houses several home-based businesses and where my family calls home.

We grow heirloom vegetables and herbs, can our harvest, and create homemade treats fresh from our garden.

Our merchandise designs allow me a creative outlet to share my passions with others.

I sell concealed carry purses, bulletproof panels, stun guns, pepper
sprays, tactical ink pens, auto emergency kits, personal alarms, RFID wallets, and other non-lethal, self-defense products; some that can be hidden in plain sight.

Sherri Fowler-Smith has been providing support services, online management, workshops, and virtual assistance to small business owners nationwide since 1991.

I've been providing services to small business owners nationwide since 1991.

I believe that throughout our nation's history, small businesses have been the foundations our communities have been built upon.

To keep our communities thriving, I feel it's important to provide small business owners with the support they need; from virtual services to business consulting and online business management.

Sherri Fowler-Smith provides small business service and workshops to small business owners nationwide that are a deductible expense. contact your tax preparer about the details.

Here are ways I benefit small business owners:

  • My services are a tax deduction to a business owner. Yes, you really can claim the services, workshops, templates, forms, and products you purchase from me as an expense.

  • Every service I provide is on an as-needed basis. My clients only pay for the service they need; when needed.

  • Business owners hire me as 1099 an independent contractor, not a W2 employee. There's no benefits package, payroll taxes, or paid days off.

  • I'm a home-based small business owner which allows me to keep my services reasonably priced.

  • My clients own the intellectual property rights to every business service I provide for them.

  • My contract contains a non-disclosure agreement. I don't discuss my client's projects, or their specific business details without their written permission. Trade secrets are a part of every business. My confidentiality has been a key reason for repeat business from every client.

Sherri Fowler-Smith assists clients in generating income for their businesses through online business management, business support services, business building workshops, and business consulting services.

Out of 30 years, I've had only several small business owners feel they could afford to hire. And even less than that were comfortable delegating projects and tasks to someone else. Their views changed when they realized my services were a tax deduction; which is when they became a first-time client. They stayed clients because of my ability to help them expand, sustain or start their businesses.

A business owner's main priority needs to be generating income for their business.

Their assistants, 1099 subcontractors or W2 employees, are to make sure the day-to-day tasks are accomplished so the owner can do what they do best...create, develop, invent, etc. which is where I come in.

Sherri Fowler-Smith provides behind the scenes support services to her clients so they can focus on doing what they do best; create, design, and develop.

When I work with a business client, my main priority is to provide support services, in whatever capacity the owner needs, whether that's through small business consulting, online business management, or virtual assistance.

My services are always provided behind the scenes, virtually. My workshops and consultations are always provided live through Zoom.

My passion for entrepreneurship, organization, problem-solving, business systems, and workflows has helped me serve my business clients well while building a sustainable business that's been full of long-term clients.

I hope I can add you to the list of long-term clients as well. I look forward to being of service, Sherri

As children of God we are asked by our Heavenly Father to pray for one another. Please let me know how I can pray for you. Submit prayer requests at

I would consider it an honor to pray for you. Your request will go immediately into my prayer journal and be discussed only with Yahweh.


Concealed carry purses/backpacks, RFID wallets for men/women, personal alarms, pepper sprays, stun guns, tactical ink pens, auto emergency kits, and more non-lethal self-defense products:

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Creating merchandise allows me an outlet to share my passions:


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I pray my creative outlet reasonates with you and brings you joy to look at, wear, or gift to others:


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Smith Ridge Farm is home to our famiy & our businesses:


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What is Smith Ridge Farm? #SmithRidgeFarm was established in 2020 and is... 


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