I am pleased to offer a Referral Program that actually pays; as a special Thank You to all of my clients.

Existing Business and Genealogy Clients can now refer:

  • Business Associates
  • Business Owners
  • Clients
  • Customers
  • Friends
  • Family Members
  • Nonprofits

Recipients can benefit from any of the Business Services or Workshops, and Genealogy Services or Workshops that I offer.

It's the perfect way to give someone the Gift of Time and receive credit by doing so.

How does the Referral Program work?

  • If you're an existing Business or Genealogy Client, Click on the link below to get started.
  • Enter your contact information to be added to the Referral Program.
  • You'll then be directed to enter the Referral Recipient's Contact Information.
  • I will contact your recipient by the end of the next business day.
  • The recipient will schedule an appointment with me that's most convenient for them.
  • Your recipient and I will begin our working relationship together on the day of their appointment with me.

How do you get credit for the Referral?

  • A credit of $50.00 will be applied toward your next contracted service, or monthly project; whichever comes first.
  • The credit can't be reused.
  • The credit can't be taken in the form of cash.
  • The referral recipient must be a new client to Sherri Fowler, LLC.
  • The referral recipient can't be an existing client with Sherri Fowler, LLC.
  • A contracted business or genealogy service must be provided and completed by me and paid for in full by the referred customer before the $50.00 credit is applied toward your next contracted service or monthly project.
  • New credits will be applied with each new referral to Sherri Fowler, LLC that is a new client.


  • Referral Recipients must use my Business Services, Business Workshops, Genealogy Services or Genealogy Workshops.
  • Referral Recipients can't be someone who purchases my Self-Defense products, Courses or Wearable Merchandise.
  • Referral amounts can't be redeemed for cash.


CLICK HERE to send a Referral.

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