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Small Business Consultant, Sherri Smith



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This service is meant to ease the burden of having to create social media content and manage your social media platforms. It continues to leave you as the Boss because all pertinent real estate questions will be directed to you to answer or for me to respond on your behalf. 

Social media content will be customized specifically for you during the month. It will include your products, services, service locations or areas, sales/discounts, testimonials, Holidays, and for real estate content: active listings, price adjustments, open houses, pending sales, and closed sales.

Content will be a mixture of reels, stories, and posts with your branding. 

Content will include one social media post per day that I will upload to your social media platforms throughout the month. I will connect with your followers, expand your social media presence, and respond to comments and messages. 

Social media management includes ad design for each platform when the client wants to place an ad. 

Social media management includes tracking and reporting social media metrics and making necessary changes to the times posted so optimum amount of followers on each platform can be reached.

Service includes a weekly Zoom call with the client to review the client's upcoming listings, events, books of business, and social media metrics, and strategy.

Social media management can be purchased for a one-month minimum to a twelve-month maximum. 

By purchasing this service once, you will receive social media management for one month. To purchase more than one month of this service, simply increase the number from one to the number that corresponds with the number of months you'd like to purchase. 

Once you purchase the number of months that best fits your needs you'll receive an email to schedule an appointment with me. During our appointment, we'll discuss this service, your business, and the platform we will be using to exchange graphics. After our initial conversation, I will email you a contract that covers the details of this service and includes a nondisclosure agreement. As soon as the contract is signed your service for the month will begin. 

Business needs change, therefore this service can be canceled with a 30-day notice when it is purchased for more than one month. A refund will be pro-rated if this service is canceled and not replaced with another service that I offer. 

I try to make it as convenient as possible for each client to work with me, extend their service, and change service as their business needs evolve. 

I'm looking forward to working with you!


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Customer Reviews

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Julia, Florida Realtor
Ultimate Professional

"Sherri and I got to know each other well while she was a real estate agent in Florida. She is the optimum professional. Her research, statistics, and analysis were exceptional when I met her. They continue to be exceptional now, 15 years later. She is a natural at real estate and property management. The way she's able to read market trends is fascinating. Her creativity and knowledge of systems have helped us tremendously. She creates our content and upgrades our systems and workflows as we continue to grow. She has exceeded every expectation!!! With every project, I continue to learn from you, Sherri. Until the next one...Cheers!