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Sherri Fowler



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What businesses can benefit from this service?

    Every type of small business owner that's for-profit or nonprofit and has a product or service to offer to the public.

      What are the benefits of this service?

        Sales funnels are meant to bring awareness about the client's business, product, course, or service through content and design, as well as, lead them through a process that converts them from a customer who hasn't purchased to a customer that has.
          Sales funnels can be created to be used with social media, websites, landing pages, and electronic newsletters.

            What's included in this service?

              Copywriting or content writing, whichever the client prefers.
                The design will virtually lead a customer or prospect through the benefits of the business, course, product, or service while answering potential questions and providing all of the details necessary for a customer to purchase.
                  Design can be created around the client's branding, logo, tagline, colors, and font if they prefer. Design can also be independent of the client's branding.
                    The proof is submitted to the client for final approval.
                      Service includes two revisions. Additional revisions are available for a fee.

                        What's not included in this service?

                          Programs to capture customer's information and payments. If the client isn't already using programs to collect that information, I can suggest a program that best suits the client's business needs. There are a lot of programs available, but not all of them are ideal for every type of business.

                            How do we get started?

                              Purchase this service.
                                Check your email for a link to schedule an appointment.
                                  Schedule an appointment that’s convenient for you. Our initial appointment will be 60 minutes so we can discuss how you want this service to work for your business.
                                    Additional appointments to discuss progress on this service will be scheduled before the end of the initial appointment. You will not be charged for those appointments.
                                      I will email you a contract outlining all that we discussed during our appointment and the date you can expect this service to be finished. Work will begin on this service for your business as soon as the contract is signed.
                                        A final appointment will be scheduled when this service is finished to discuss anything that hasn’t been covered during the previous appointments.

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